This is in response to the news article published in The Nation on Oct 18 ’14 regarding the mysterious death of Nabiha-Chaudhry. Having known this iron lady for seven years and being inspired by her work and passion for Pakistan, the news of her death came as a big shock but what came as a greater surprise was the fact that officials declared it as a suicide on media within 30 minutes of her death with no sound forensic proof or proper investigation.

Her family has repeatedly rejected these reports, and has called for a free and fair inquiry into the circumstances leading up to her death. In meetings with the concerned officials in Lahore, they shared details of messages that Nabiha had sent to her friends, stating that she was upset because of some unknown guy calling her from various different numbers, just one day before the incident.

Despite keeping the mobile phone, laptops etc in their custody for more than 3 weeks the police has not been able to identify the details of this unknown number from the call records. Neither have these belongings and other records been shared with the family. Also, her under training batch-mates have been issued a warning by CSP academy not to talk to anybody regarding the case. I therefore request Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to personally look into this matter and push the members of the committee, that he had earlier constituted, to cooperate and share their findings with the deceased’ family.


USA, November 9.