KARACHI - Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal along with party president on Saturday visited different party camps placed to run “PSP membership drive” in Karachi. During the day PSP leaders visited the camps of District Malir  and District Korangi where were they received warm welcome from the workers and supporters. 

Addressing the workers at party camps PSP chairman said that it is good sign that people from all walks of life were registering themselves in PSP. He said as per detail so far about 50 thousand people have registered themselves in just two days party membership drive while it would more positive results in future.  

He said that the city which consider to be the economical hub of the city has turned into a garbage dump while the so-called stake holder instead of doing anything were misleading the people in the name of insufficient funds and resources. He said that the rulers since years had given an impression as there were no MPA, MNA or Senator present to take the situation serious.

If the Mohajir community has given all their rights to the so-called stakeholder then why their issues were not being resolved, questioned Kamal. A party that enjoys large number of seats from the port city had miserably failed to deliver. However, it should be kept in mind that elected representatives have to focus on their work instead of resting home and giving nothing to the citizens. Devoted representatives of people have to forget about his own life when he takes oath to deliver people, said Kamal.

“We have served the Mohajir Community as compared to others political forces while PSP wants to halt the ethnic based politics and wish to work for the all the resident of the city without any discrimination,” he added. He further claimed that PSP would emerge as a big force in next general election.