BAGHDAD (AFP) - A spate of attacks in the Iraqi capital on Sunday killed at least 18 people and wounded 24 others, including women and children, security officials said. In the attack at least nine people were killed and 13 wounded in a car bombing at a crowded market in Baghdad's Bayaa district, a mainly Shia area in the southwest of the capital, police said. Two policemen were also killed by sniper fire in the western neighbourhood of Mansour, police told AFP, while two guards manning a checkpoint in the mainly Sunni quarter of Dora were killed in a drive-by shooting. In central Baghdad's Palestine street, a major commercial thoroughfare, a roadside bomb wounded at least seven people on Sunday, including two police, officials said. A police patrol just north of Baghdad in Wasziriya was also targeted by a roadside bomb, which wounded three policemen and a civilian. Meanwhile, seven Iraqis, mostly children, were killed and 35 wounded on Sunday in two suicide car bomb attacks targeted at American and Iraqi soldiers, the US military said. Among the dead were three young boys, one six, one seven and one of unknown age, he said. "The second car bomb was targeting Iraqi police and wounded 25 Iraqis. We don't know how many were police or civilians," Smith said. The two attacks took place in the western part of Mosul, one of Iraq's most dangerous cities and the last urban stronghold of Al-Quaeda in Iraq.