ISLAMABAD - In-camera briefing to the parliamentarians on terrorism has proved sovereignty of Parliament as well as sincere intentions of the government to take the people of Pakistan into confidence to defend the country from growing trend of terrorism. "The govt is mounting sincere efforts to curb terrorism and wants to take the people of Pakistan into confidence on the war against terrorism", said All Pakistan Minorities Alliance Chief  on Sunday.   He said that the in-camera briefing had proved government's commitment to combat terrorism in accordance to the wishes of the people of Pakistan. He expressed his concern over loss of lives and properties in the recent terrorist attacks and said that Pakistan had become victim of terrorism. "Rising above the boundaries of religion, sect and political affiliations, the entire nation should stand united against the elements that are wreaking havoc on the lives and properties of the innocent people through cowardly acts of terrorism", he urged. Bhatti said that the menace of terrorism had also caused a big blow to the country's economy. He regretted that foreign investment in the country had slowed down to a trickle due to terrorist attacks. "It (terrorism) has also jolted tourism industry", he said.  APMA Chief Shahbaz Bhatti said that the forces of violence and terrorism were against the progress and prosperity of Pakistani citizens and wanted to create a horrific culture of terror to sabotage the progressive liberal and democratic policies of the government.  "An overwhelming majority of Pakistanis is moderate therefore, a lunatic fringe of extremists should never be allowed to try to hold the country hostage", he stated.  "Terrorists do not follow any religion as no religion advocates killing of innocent people", said Shahbaz Bhatti, adding that the government had made an inflexible resolve to purge the country of the epidemic of terrorism. "All the political and religious parties should support government in its bid to foil nefarious designs of terrorists, who want to destabilize the country by acts of terrorism", said Shahbaz. He commended the army and the policemen who had sacrafied their lives in terrorist-related incidents while trying to protect civilians. The APMA Chief also appreciated government's move of giving an in-camera briefing to parliamentarians on the loss of lives and destruction caused by terrorists. "The briefing indicates that the government wants all political parties to join hands in its fight against terrorism", he observed.