London-Capita's 2nd National Preventing Extremism Conference will take place here on Monday (today). The conference, being organised by Capita Conferences, is supported by Stockwell Green Community Services, British Home Office and British Muslim Forum. "This timely event will address the key issues like channelling young people away from extremism, putting the Preventing Violent Extremism agenda into practice and working with diverse and changing cultures. It will help mitigate extremism in the society," said Toaha Qureshi, Chair, Stockwell Green Youth project, and a key speaker at the conference while talking to The Nation. The conference will be chaired by Mark Gilks, chief Executive, London Borough of Hounslow, while the other speakers include Lord Kamlesh Patel, Ministerial Advisor, Communities and Local Government, Aftab Malik, Global Expert on Muslim Affairs, Stephen Rimmer, Director, Prevent and the Research, Intelligence and Communications Unit, Home Office, Kiran Box from London Borough of Redbridge and Mohammed Afzal of Dudely Metropolitan Borough council. "The conference will bring benefits like improving public perception through effective communication and relaying information to the public on this important issue," says Liz McIntyre, conference producer.   Through the conference, the organisers intend to generate activities like effective community engagement on the Preventing Violent Extremism agenda, links between Preventing Violent Extremism and other policy areas and improve delivery.  During the conference, speakers will spotlight different aspects like Extremism and the Internet, The Role of Women and the Extended Family in Preventing Violent Extremism as well as Channelling Young People Away from Extremism. The conference also includes a training session titled "Enabling Imams to meet the Challenges of the 21st Century" with a view to making Imams more active in the community. "Extremism is a multi dimensional global issue, therefore, the British public needs to understand and realize the international importance of this issue. I urge the international communities to join hands for curbing this menace and preventing harm to their societies," Mr. Qureshi added.