HANGU- Gunship helicopters bombed hideouts of alleged militants in Mamozai area of Aurakzai Agency on Sunday, killing 35 militants including two Taliban commanders and 12 potential suicide bombers. Eyewitnesses informed the media that the gunship helicopters pounded three Madaris, a village and a house during the operation in Upper Aurakzai and Lower Aurakzai Agency. Names of the damaged Madaris are Arghanja, Butan and Daago, local said.  Similarly, the village Gotakhel and houses of Khan Afzal were also affected. Though the authorities concerned yet to justify the attack but it came to know that Sunday afternoon action was taken in retaliation to Friday's suicide attack against a traditional tribal jirga in Khadezai area of Aurakzai Agency. Gul Karim Naib Nazim District Hangu belonging to the same Ali Khel tribe targeted by the suicide bomber, said " suicide bomber reached into Khadezai from Mamozai area." Soon after the Khadezai suicide attack, a large number tribesmen from Mamozai area had vacated their houses and hamlets. Beside civilians, a large number of militants calling them as Taliban and Mujahideen also slipped to unknown places in the surrounding areas. Agencies add: Helicopter gunships bombed on Sunday a meeting of militants linked to Al-Qaeda near the border with Afghanistan, leaving 35 fighters dead, security officials said. Among the dead were two Taliban commanders and 12 potential suicide bombers, they said."Helicopter gunships carried out a successful raid at a militant hideout in Orakzai district killing 35," a senior security official told AFP. The attack came two days after a suicide bomber killed at least 40 anti-Taliban tribesmen at a mass meeting in Orakzai. In a separate statement, a paramilitary official confirmed around a dozen potential suicide bombers were among those killed in Sunday's raid. "The raid was carried out after ground intelligence that the Taliban were meeting and their commanders and potential suicide bombers would be there," he said. Meanwhile, NATO-led forces in Afghanistan fired 11 artillery rounds at militant bases inside Pakistan, killing at least five insurgents, the coalition said. The International Security Assistance Force fired seven artillery rounds at a location inside Pakistan after insurgents attempted to attack a base of the coalition force, ISAF said in an e-mailed statement. It didn't identify the location, reports Bloomberg. Pakistan's military confirmed the attack killed two militants, according to the ISAF statement. Coalition forces fired four more artillery rounds about an hour later at militants who were preparing to attack a border post in Pakistan. The Pakistani military later confirmed that attack killed three insurgents, the statement said. Meanwhile, security forces Sunday killed 10 militants in the Bajaur tribal region. Ten Taliban fighters were killed in Bajaur Agency as security forces targeted militant hideouts as part of their ongoing anti-militancy offensive in the area bordering Afghanistan, TV channels reported. With this, the death toll in clashes in Bajaur since Saturday has risen to 23. The Army has claimed that it has killed more than 1,000 militants in Bajaur since it launched an operation in the region in August. Army officials have said the success of the operation in Bajaur is key to ending the militancy in the tribal belt. Meanwhile, US pilotless spy planes on Sunday flew over Miranshah bordering Afghanistan just hours after a missile strike killed at least four people, residents said. Two missiles from suspected US drones overnight struck a compound just outside Miranshah, the main town in the restive North Waziristan district, which is seen as a safe haven for Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. The targeted compound was the residence of Taliban militant Omar Daraz, a security official told AFP, giving no further details. There was no reaction to the attacks from the Pakistan government, though the military said they were aware of the strike. "We have reports about an explosion incident in Miranshah," chief military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told AFP. He said he could not confirm whether the missile attack was launched by US aircraft. Residents on Sunday said they could see three drones overhead as they sifted through the remains of the destroyed compound searching for further casualties. Some tribesmen fired at the drones, but there was no damage to the aircraft or any return fire.