IRAN on Sunday denied a report that its Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has been the target of an assassination attempt in Pakistan, reports Fars News Agency (FNA). On Thursday last, Pakistani security officials arrested a suspected suicide bomber who was trying to board a plane at the international airport in Rawalpindi in the guise of a woman. Al Jazeera English news channel reportedly claimed that the Burqa-clad bomber intended to carry out a plot to assassinate the Iranian foreign minister during his official visit to Pakistan. An unnamed source in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, however, was quick to reject the report as false, dismissing any link between the incident and the presence of Mottaki in Islamabad. The source told Fars News Agency (FNA) that the timing of the incident does not correspond with the Al Jazeera report, arguing that the alleged bomber had been arrested hours before the Iranian foreign minister's visit. The Iranian source also pointed out that official visits by high-ranking diplomats do not take place at the public section of airports. "The report aimed to launch a smear campaign and undermine the outcome of the visit. Such reports do not comply with the code of professional conduct," the source said.