RAWALPINDI-At a time when the giant of inflation and economic vicious circle have grasped the world economy as most of the countries are hit by this inflation phenomenon,the people of Pakistan specially, the middle class has become the victim of this unprecedented price hike ever before in the country, which in fact has broken the backbone of the people, who do not have the stamina to resist this enormous load, under limited and meager resources of income, they face lot of problems to sustain and survive under the given atmosphere. The nation which has been passing through a war-like situation, due to ongoing wave of terrorism and extremism has also been facing other crises and challenges like scarcity of flour, long running electricity loadshedding, shortage of natural gas and above all, unbearable enhancement in fuel charges, i.e. from 50 to 70 % up in electricity beyond the reach of a common man. Despite government of Punjab actions and efforts , the roti instead of Rs. 2 fixed by the administration is being sold  at Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 in different areas due to artificial flour shortage. The demands of the Naanbais association, is in fact seems genuine that if the provincial governments provides subsidy in flour and reduced the gas charges for them, they would be able to sell roti on the fixed price.  Since the winter is approaching fast,  another phase of gas loadshedding would take place and even the gas charges would go up and common man would not be in the position to pay the cost of essential utility bills, the prevailing state of affairs indeed has added insult to injuries of the people and they in fact have lost courage to sustain and cope with the situation. What about the poor and down trodden segments of the society who have the income of less than Rs.6000 per month, the government even had announced minimum remuneration of a laborer to Rs.6000 but despite this, there are number of public and private institutions, where the employees have been drawing the salary less than Rs. 4000 per month, how these people would be able to meet both ends meet with this meager amount, this is also another aspect of the picture.   With the political change and establishment of democratic government in the country, the public has been anticipating a bigger change and relief in their lives, but their expectations died down, when another phenomenon of inflation and crises gripped once again, the country and its economy under its stranglehold. Despite the existing crises faced with the country, the public still looks forward to the newly elected democratic governments of Pakistan People's Party  and Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) in the center and province respectively to bring positive and drastic changes by transforming new ideas to provide relief to the public to the maximum extent and get rid the country out of crises and terrorism. But in practical nothing has been done so far, as the rulers and political parties are obviously engaged in the power politics and they do not foresee the impending situation arising out of this ongoing world crises and economic devaluing phenomenon.  No doubt the world political and geographical scenario would experience new things and changes, economic crises and vicious circle could eat up the big economic giants. Question arises here is, are we prepared to face challenges ahead and are we would be able to survive  out of this upcoming world economic scenario and economic crises. What our public needs at the moment  is the matter of their endurance, which is required instant solution and relief by taking appropriate and practical measures by the policy makers to get rid the country out of prevailing crises.