NEW YORK - US Republican Party leaders are saying they are worried that Senator John McCain was heading for defeat unless he settled on a clear message to counter Senator Barack Obama, his democraic rival. They say the campaign of McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, is drifting, lacking a coherent message and running out of time, The New York Times reported Sunday. Unless he brought stability to his presidential candidacy and settled on a clear message, McCain campaign  to counter Senator Barack Obama, his campaing would be in deep trouble, party leader were cited as saying. With less than a month to go for the elections, they said it wasn't impossible for McCain to bounce back in the polls that show him trailing Obama of Illinois if he took the necessary corrective measures. "I think you're seeing a turning point," Republican Michigan Chairman Saul Anuzis told The Times. "You're starting to feel real frustration because we are running out of time. Our message, the campaign's message, isn't connecting." Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson said McCain faces a tough challenge in his state. Asked by if he was happy with the campaign, Thompson replied, "No," adding, "I don't know who is." Some party leaders said McCain's harsh attack ads against Obama were not swaying enough independent voters, especially women. The attacks on Obama's character were actually helping the Democrat in his efforts to portray McCain as erratic, they said. "This is a year where everything that could go in Obama's favour is going in Obama's favour, John Danforth, a retired Republican senator from Missouri, said. "Everything that could go against McCain is against him. It's absolutely the worst kind of perfect storm." McCain's advisers told The Times they remained confident of victory.