By all accounts across the poles, 9/11 changed the world for the worse. US War On Terror has ended up making the prevailing insecurity as the theme song, generally, of itself and its allies etc. For Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is as if their people are caught up in a bizarre Black Hole in Space. No wonder the US presidential contenders as well as their 2-ics have been dramatising 'terrorism' particularly in the mid-west. This part of the US tends, generally, to be ridden by phobias etc which is the outcome of navet and rather puerile 'tunnel' vision. Unfortunately in the US elections, this block assumes a decisive position due to the broad division prevailing in the rest of the country. Hence some of these are designated as the 'swing states'. Adam Schatz writing in the London Review of Books has highlighted a mischievous and disgusting exercise carried out by The Clarion Fund, a Jewish set-up based in Manhattan at Grace Corporate Park Executive Suites, in complicity with some neo-cons. Twenty-eight million copies of a documentary called Obsession claiming to deal with "radical Islam war against the West" have been launched in the mid-west to cleverly help one party as "its circulation just happened to coincide with Obama's leap in the polls." Being business as usual even the New York Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education printed special supplements thereof to make some buck, hopefully. The film is reported to have cost $400,000. Rabi Raphael Shore of Israel is reported to be the Executive Producer of the film while the rest of the partners remain shadowy figures hiding behind fictitious titles except Wayne Kopping, the South African neo-con, who is the Director. Both of them have been freely using the television to promote 'their work'. The movie was first launched in 2006 to influence the mid-term polls. Trying to fabricate a threat as serious as was the Nazi eruption in 1938, the number and spread of Muslims in the world is exploited to portray that "they are not outside our borders, they are here." To mislead the viewers diverse images like Pakistanis burning the US-flag, Palestinians celebrating 9/11 attacks; Hezbollah relevant theatrics have been fitted with the planes crashing in to Twin-Towers on 9/11. All elements have been dextrously knit together for creating a dramatic illusion among the nave viewers. Such tendentious trash is littered with the speeches and scenes of rallies of Hitler. The underlying strain of the narrative is that West can be conquered by "Islamic fundamentalism" as it tends to have become a 'civilisation gone soft' and is a 'culture of denial'. Rather foul language is used even for Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which no decent believer in any religion can do while universal aspersions about Muslims are odious. The sick people who indulge in such distasteful ventures do not perhaps realise how much damage they are doing to the US' goodwill and credibility. Despite being a victim of 9/11, the US in the last seven years has suffered due to neo-con follies/misadventures. Chasing shadows like Iraqi WMD etc in the waging of War On Terror, it is well-nigh broke economically. Its power and influence has waned badly which is represented by the Russian mauling of Georgia while all the allies stood by and wailed. The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be a boom for MNCs and private companies but the average American is experiencing considerable misery. The 'occupation' of Iraq and Afghanistan, by whatever name one may denote the current status of these countries, is untenable. Its cost in economic terms may be high but it is much higher in terms of the damage to her image in the world. In the last seven years it has forfeited its claim as the best democracy thanks to Gitmo, East European prisons for unlawful detention of 'suspects, Abu Ghuraib, Bagram prison atrocities etc. The killing of over a million and the physical disablement of many times more in Iraq and Afghanistan while under its 'occupation' would remain an Albatross around her neck in history. So would be the destruction of Baghdad on occupation by the US troops. The fate millions of Iraqi refugees appears to match, if not beat, the unpardonable treatment accorded to the Vietnamese after the US' hurried withdrawal from it. At home, it has resorted to unconstitutional practices like the ones explained in Chu memo etc which have marred the historic development of liberty and rights since 1776. The landmark Supreme Court judgement on the right of trial and defence to the Gitmo detainees held as "enemy combatants" since, generally, the end of 2001and the struggle by the ACLU etc shows admirable resilience in the American system. A similar compliment must go to the likes of Cindy Sheehan who have relentlessly struggled against the policies followed by the neo-cons in these years. While Iraq is relatively quiet, Afghanistan is experiencing the expected spurt in Taliban campaign. It is no secret that the US, indirectly, has been pursuing some negotiated way-out of the Afghan mess. Lately the British media have spilled the beans. Even the top British Commander and the UN top official have counselled the induction of "political surge, more political energy." They have castigated "military surge" as impractical as an outright win is not possible, as is indicated by the history and topography of Afghanistan. For maintaining the status quo, the US administration officials have been blowing hot and cold like their surrogate in Kabul. Reports emphasise that the Taliban want an end of the 'occupation' before a negotiated settlement is worked out. They must be feeling emboldened by the pressures, internal as well as external, mounting on Pakistan because of the crumbling and corrupt governance structures in Kabul etc. Muslims in the world total almost 1.5 billion. Like in Pakistan most of them are not anti-west despite the extremist-fringe. They want, generally, to get along on equitable terms with others at the state-to-state level. Given goodwill on all sides, generally, this may not be asking for the moon. However, like US indiscriminate bombings, things like Obsession etc hurt them as much. If such things get known, US would lose the "hearts and minds" of the Muslims which would not be in the interest of Global peace. As the Americans are, generally, nice people, they must ensure some mischief mongers do not alienate allies abysmally to fulfil private agendas and sacrifice the concept of human brotherhood and equitable development. The writer is a former secretary interior. E-mail: