LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said October 12 being marked as democracy defence day is a day of accountability for finding out answers to a number of questions lying unattended for over last 61 years. "The question are: why democratic system could not flourish in the country; why the institutions formed to strengthen the state could not function properly, why the judiciary could not work as per the Constitution, why the parliamentary system could not get roots, why Pakistan could not get rid of quagmire of loans, why the problems of masses could not be solved, how the dictatorship looted the national resources and inflict other damages and what the hidden hands still involved in undermining the roots of country," he said. Giving solution to all these problems, Nawaz Sharif demanded the government to firm up national policy by setting aside dictatorial policies on war on terror, economy and other challenges being confronted on different fronts. He expressed reservations over in-camera briefing on war against terrorism and said that the PML-N was not satisfied over the session of both the houses of Parliament. "We need comprehensive briefing which could elaborate 'terms of condition' for the engagement in the war on terror. We should be explained which agencies and institutions are involved, what are the details of current policy on terror war, what is shrouded in mystery regarding accord with US, how many so-called terrorists have been handed over to US in return of dollars and where the money is," he maintained. He also demanded that General (r) Musharraf should be brought into the Parliament for making him accountable for his crimes with defacement of constriction on top, saying if Musharraf was indemnified like his predecessors and his unconstitutional steps could not be reversed, the statements to put the country on the path of development were just fairy tales. He was addressing a public meeting arranged here at Raiwind Farm to mark completion of 10 years of bloodless military coup staged by General (r) Pervez Musharraf. PML-N President and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman, Mian Marghoob Ahmed, Begum Zakia Shahnawaz and all party MNAs and MPAs, party officer bearers and a large number of workers attended the meeting. He said that at this critical juncture every person was seeking the answers of such questions. He said the nation was pondering that those countries which got freedom along with Pakistan had excelled while country was lagging behind. "I myself smoulder and bleed for the deteriorating situation pushing the country toward chaos," he said. Showing his apprehension over the fast devaluation of rupee, he said that rupee was undergoing the process of depreciation and if the downslide trend was not stopped, country would head towards economic death soon. Unemployment, price-hike, law and order situation are worse than 1947 when Pakistan came into being, he pointed out. To ensure the integrity of country and making Pakistan stand as prestigious nation in the line of developed countries, he said that there was only one remedy that the nation got buckled up to stop the way of dictatorship with full force and courage. He strongly condemned the dictatorship, saying dictatorial regimes had made the country money-starved. He said that due to ill-conceived policies of dictatorships "we are seeking alms by holding the Kashkool in our hands." During the tenure of four dictators, the nation did not hear any good news. When PML-N was in power, we tested atomic bombs, launched motorways and other development projects," he added. "The day also demands us to show the same courage and spirit shown during the time of carrying out nuclear tests," he said. He called upon the present government not to get intimidated by anyone for forming its own policy. He advised the PPP-led coalition government to take all political parties on board and to make people part of decision making process, saying only these were the weapons to foil any ulterior designs of doom-mongers working against the country on internal and international level. Coming hard on the performance of the government, he said that seven months had gone but the good results could not be yielded. He said country would not have faced crisis, had President Asif Zardari fulfilled promises, acted upon the charter of democracy and judges had been reinstated under Murree Declaration. So much so "if our request to hold joint parliament session to evolve policy on war on terror and other treacherous problems five months back had not been turned down, situation would have been totally different," he added. Stating that better late than never, he said that thought by calling the joint session of parliament, PML-N's suggestion had been accepted but if it could not be meaningful and result-oriented, peace could never prevail. He announced to offer unconditional help to the government for its effort to control the situation despite the fact that PML-N was betrayed by PPP. He said, "We want to provide all sort of assistance to be required by the government." He claimed that none of opposition in the past had dared to show such kind of open-heartedness and spirit as being demonstrated by the PML-N. He praised the performance of Punjab government under the leadership of Shahbaz Sharif. He said the Punjab government had used all its resources to bring down the price of "roti". However, he said that if the problems of wheat scarcity could not be resolved by central government, it would be very difficult for Punjab government to control the situation. He said that all roads to solution to problems led to good governance of the central government.