ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari Sunday asked India to honour the international water sharing agreements and warned that the violation of Indus Water Treaty would damage the Indo-Pak relations. "Pakistan expects India to abide by international agreements on sharing of water in the Indus River system. Pakistan would be paying a very high price for India's move to block Pakistan's water supply from the Chenab River," said the President in a statement issued here. "Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had assured me in our meeting in New York that his country is seriously committed to our water sharing treaty. We expect him to stand by his commitment," Zardari said. Pointing to the ramifications of the violation of the Indus Water Treaty, the President said the Indian move would damage the bilateral ties the two countries had built over the years. "India should not swap important regional objectives with short-term domestic goals," he said. President Zardari said that the government was pursuing the issue of India's violation of agreement on water supply on the highest level. "Pakistani officials would be taking up the matter with the Indian officials," he said. Zardari said Pakistan and India should reap the benefits of shared border, rather than allowing that to become a burden for the two nations. He said, "Our two governments would be obliging to public sentiments if they move to strengthen the bilateral ties." "However, our national interests are equally important and our government is committed to protect them. We hope that the Indian Prime Minister would remember agreements on the judicious sharing of the Chenab waters and New Delhi would look to better relations with Pakistan," he said. APP adds: Pakistan would be compelled to seek the  intervention of neutral experts if blatant violations of Sindh-Tass Treaty continues by the Indians, Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah said Sunday. In a telephonic conversation with a private TV channel, he urged the Indians to continue water supplies to Marala as per Indus Water Treaty inked between the two countries in 1960. Baglihar hydroelectric power project is a run-of-the-river power project on the Chenab in the southern Doda district in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said India filled Baglihar Dam in the month of August thus creating water shortage in Pakistan. He hoped that if the dam was operated in line with the treaty, then Pakistan would have no water shortage due to this project on the Chenab River.