District police claimed to have busted 14 inter-district gangs and arrested 55 suspects involved in murder, dacoity, highway robbery and cattle-lifting incidents, and recovered stolen goods and illicit arms worth Rs5.06 million.

Because of the arrests, crime rate has come down in various areas, disclosed DPO Syed Khuram Ali during a press conference held in the Police Lines Sahiwal.

Accompanied by DSPs Syed Fida Hussain and Shahid Butt, he said that a murder incident took place in the area of Noor Shah where Ashraf of Chak 140-9-L was killed during a dacoity. He said that the accused in the murder case has been arrested.

Police arrested four members of Ramazani gang and 14 of Abbasso gang, two of Piddi gang, five of Sajid gang and 10 members of Makkhni gang in the precincts of Harrapa police. Likewise, four members of Ishtiaq Lahori gang and four others from Mushtaqi gang were arrested with one car, gold ornaments, 25 mobile phones, 31 motorcycles, cash and cattle heads.

The DPO further said that the suspects used to loot CNG pumps and pedestrians, snatch cash, gold ornaments, mobile phones, motorcycles and lift cattle heads from outhouses at gunpoint.

He said that Eid security plan had been chalked out and general hold up will take place to maintain peace. Meetings will be held with traders of all bazaars and markets of the city, he said.