LAHORE - To celebrate the Day of German Unity 2013, Honorary Consul of Germany, Aneesur Rehman hosted a dinner the other day.  The Ambassador of Germany, Dr Cyrill Nunn, was the chief guest. According to a press release, Mr Rehman, in his speech described damage and destruction caused to Germany during World War II. He pointed out that 8th May, 1945 is the Zero Hour of Germany which  marks the time when the Germans started rebuilding their devastated country.

He highlighted how Germany was rebuilt and how it was integrated with the West by Chancellor Adenauer and later with Eastern Europe by Chancellor Willy Brandt, who followed the Ostpolitik (East Politic) policy through which Germany achieved its political and economical stability and post-war reconciliation.  Mr Rehman explained how the leaders of West Germany remained focused and ultimately achieved their long term goal of reunification of Germany on 3rd of October, 1990 pursuing consistent policies.

The Ambassador of Germany, Cyrill Nunn, thanked Rehman for hosting the Day of German Unity. He said that when Annemarie Schimmel described Pakistan as a castle with thousand doors, one of the biggest and most beautiful doors she was thinking about was Lahore. The German Ambassador said that during the last 23 years Germany has made huge steps towards real reunification between the West and East Germans and political and economical reunification is continuing. He reiterated his country’s resolve to cement ties with Pakistan. He welcomed transition of power after the May General Election.