MARDAN - Dengue fever has become out of control in Mardan city as the virus has hit six more people during the last 24 hours. The number of dengue fever patients at the Mardan Medical Complex (MMC) dengue ward is continuously increasing despite the fact that the district government in coordination with the district health department are struggling to control the spread of the infection. However, masses of the city are not satisfied from the government arrangements. A total of 173 patients of dengue fever were admitted to the dengue ward at the MMC among which 153 were discharged after treatment while some of the patients were refereed to Peshawar in critical condition.

At the moment, total of 20 patients were admitted to the MMC among which two are female patients. The MMC is receiving significant number of dengue fever cases daily because the region is facing crest season of dengue fever transmission currently.

Dengue mesquites were reported from the majority of the areas, including Par Hoti, Dowsaro Chowke, Charssadda road, Chamtar, Bakhsali, Gullibagh, Shairfabad, Toot Killy and other rural and urban areas of the district. On the other side district government with the coordination of health department has started struggle to control dengue fever.

While Eid ul Azah is approaching fast and heaps of garbage will be increased in the district and local administration has not made any plan in this connection and due to which dengue mosquito will increase and it will also increase the number of dengue fever in Mardan.