NEW YORK-A US artist is holding his new exhibition inside a gallery owner’s ear.

Joe Sola’s latest paintings will only be viewable by approaching Tig Sigfrids’s head and peering into her ear canal.

Six tiny oil paintings, which the artist says are “around 4/64 by 5/64 inches”, have been mounted on tiny white gallery walls.

They are so small that Sola had to use a .12-millimetre acupuncture needle to paint them.

When visitors enter the gallery in Los Angeles for the show, Portraits: An Exhibition Inside Tif Sigfrids’ Ear, they will find Ms Sigrid seated in the middle of the space.

Joe Sola told Art in America: “The gallerist is very physically involved in the work, and I like this idea of (it being) inward-looking. It’s as if you have to look into the head (mind) of the gallerist to see/experience the art.”

The artist says his paintings are so small they had to be composed from tiny granules of pigment.

Even a single bristle of a normal paintbrush was too large, so Sola fashioned a self-built brush from the smallest acupuncture needle available. He then used a stereo microscope to see what he was painting.

Portraits: An Exhibition Inside Tif Sigfrids’ Ear runs from 12 October to 9 November.