NEW YORK-Lady Gaga spends $100,000 a year on bedding. The ‘Bad Romance’ hitmaker reportedly insists on taking her own sheets wherever she goes, and racks up the huge bill both on buying her linen and getting it specially-cleaned.

A source explained to heat magazine: ‘’She only sleeps on high thread count Pratesi sheets with pink detailing. She even has them dry cleaned - not washed.

‘’She is a little germophobic and can also be picky about who handles her sheets - she sends one of her own assistants to handle the dry cleaning wherever possible.’’

Gaga has a love of her own home comforts and it was previously revealed she takes a particular china cup and saucer everywhere with her.

And she once sent a taxi on a £35 round trip from her suite at London’s Blakes Hotel to collect the blue flowered china cup from the Metropolitan Hotel’s restaurant.  A source said at the time: ‘’She kicked up a fuss and demanded someone get her cup and saucer back.

‘’She wouldn’t drink out of anything else. It just looked like any other cup and saucer to me and said ‘Made in China’ on the bottom. It seemed a lot of fuss over nothing.’’