TOKYO: If you are faced with a dirty floor but don’t have the energy to clean it, Japanese company Sugoi might just have the solution you’ve been searching for.

The RC Sugoi Mop works like a regular mop but is operated by remote control, which means you can clean the floor from the comfort of your sofa.

Amazingly, the robo-mob, which comes in colourful canary yellow plastic, costs just £19 - similar to traditional mops and far less than high-tech steam versions.

For those with a smaller space to clean, the mop also comes in a mini version for £18, available in a choice of pink, purple, orange, green and black.

And if one remote controlled kitchen gadget isn’t enough to satisfy your technological cravings, the company also makes a remote controlled dustbin - seen zooming around like a mini R2D2 in Sugoi’s promotional video.

Bizarre though the mop might seem, it’s not the first automatic floor cleaning product on the market. Robotic vacuum cleaners, that zoom around a room cleaning a floor at the touch of a button, have been around for years. Although they have not taken off to replace the traditional vacuum, the makers of the robo-mop have not been deterred.–ML