LAKKI MARWAT  - Office-bearers of Tehrik Tahaffuz Haqooq-e Marwat have threatened to launch a protest campaign against the unbearable and unfair electricity loadshedding being carried out in the urban and rural localities of the district.

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“The urban and rural areas are hard hit by prolong power outages since last several weeks which has paralysed the life and routine activities,” said Haji Zarwali, Johar Muhammad and others while talking to journalists here on Saturday.  They said that local Pesco officials were implementing a self-made loadshedding schedule to keep electricity supply off for hours.

They alleged that local employees in connivance with officials were involved in suspending electricity supply for hours by dropping power links on main transmission line. The TTHM leaders said that continuous electricity suspensions had added to the miseries of area people besides business activities had come to a standstill.

“We time and again requested local Pesco authorities to curb unfair load shedding and stop the illegal practice of dropping power links on main transmission line but to no avail,” they maintained. They revealed that instead of initiating action against electricity stealers the Pesco authorities covered losses by shutting power supply to the urban and rural localities.

“For how long the illegal and ugly practice will go on in this backward and far remote district,” they questioned and demanded the higher functionaries concerned to take notice of the matter and order local Pesco officials to stop illegal electricity outages.

They said that local officials were not serious to curb the practice of electricity theft, therefore were using the option of carrying out load shedding to overcome losses. They made clear that area people would have no option other than to come to roads and hold protest demonstrations against the negligent officials of Power Supply Company if load shedding was not halted immediately.