Farmers Welfare Association (FWA) Tehsil chapter President Raja Tariq Masood Ayaz has said that if the Punjab government does not pay attention to the issue of water-logging in Adhi Kot, Rangpur Baghoor, Chan Wadhlanwala and Rahdari situated around Chashma Jhelum (CJ) link canal, thousands of farmers residing in these villages will be compelled to migrate to other area.  Addressing a press conference, he said that water-logging of the CJ link canal turned 30,000 acres of fertile area into barren land. He regretted over the canal seepage.

Tariq Masood pointed out that water up to three feet was flowing in the farmlands and farmers were even unable to harvest gram and wheat crops.

He further said that the farmers of these villages were facing starvation and unable to earn a living as the land could not be irrigated.