LAHORE  - The Pakistan Railways is running five special trains on Eid. According to issued schedule, the first train will leave Karachi for Peshawar on Oct 13, second from Quetta to Peshawar via Lahore the same day. Another train will carry passengers from Karachi to Faisalabad on October 14, while two more special trains will operate from Peshawar-Lahore and Peshawar-Multan on Oct 15.

Adding to that, the PR has also decided to run Farid Express from Lahore to Karachi on October 15.

The train earlier runs from Lahore to Samasata from where the passengers for Karachi would be shifted to Zakaria Express.

“Farid Express will run from Lahore to Karachi via Kasur, Pakpattan and Samasata with an additional AC-Business coach in the train,” said the PR spokesperson. 

PR also announced special discount (around 40 per cent) to attract the passengers towards trains.