OKARA - Two suspects were shot dead in the ensuing shootout after their accomplices got them free from the police near village 1/GD in the remit of Chuchak Police in the wee house of Thursday.

Their two accomplices, however, managed to flee the scene. According to police sources, Naeem, son of Saleem and Muneer Ahmad, son of Ameer had been arrested by the Hujra Shah Muqeem Police in murder, snatching and dacoit cases. They were being escorted for some recovery when their accomplices ambushed the police van in the wee house of Thursday. The attackers managed to get both the suspects free and also snatched official rifle from a cop. The Hujra Shah Muqeem Police called in re-enforcement through wireless call and kept on chasing the fleeing dacoits. The police got closed to the fleeing criminals near village 1/GD in the Chuchak Police remit upon which the suspects started indiscriminate firing which the police retaliated. After sometime when the firing subsided, the police searched the area and found two of the dacoits dead in fields. They were identified as Naeem and Muneer who had fled the police custody. The police also recovered the snatched police rifle. The police shifted the dead bodies to DHQ hospital for autopsy.


A shepherd was shot dead by three armed dacoitson resistance in Mohallah Sakhi Saidan, Depalpur.

Allah Ditta, a shepherd, was asleep in his goat-pen. In the night, three armed dacoits entered the goat-pen and tried to drive away goats. Allah Ditta, however, woke to the sounds and offered resistance. Upon which the dacoits opened fire, killing him on spot. The Depalpur City have started investigation.