ISLAMABAD  -  The Nation is a responsible newspaper, and most educated people hold it in high esteem. However, your news story about the SECP (October 9) has disappointed many of its admirers. The casually written story contains a number of inaccurate and baseless allegations.

Flouting journalistic principles, the entire reliance has been placed on the false claims of an anonymous “official”. Unfortunately, the relevant reporter did not do his homework before publishing groundless allegations. For example, it has been claimed that all executive directors and most directors are much senior to the SECP chairman. How has seniority been calculated in this case? It seems to have been calculated in an arbitrary manner. Probably, the reporter is unaware of the fact that the incumbent chairman joined the SECP in 2000. It may also be noted that the chairman’s appointment is not based on seniority.

The report also claims that the SECP chairman has been accused of providing false information and tempering records to protect certain individuals in the Panama papers case. This allegation is baseless. The JIT did not make any such allegation.  The story also claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had issued a notification of termination with regard to the SECP chairman. A senior journalist is expected to know better. The prime minister never issues notifications.