SIALKOT-An alleged drug trafficker committed suicide by jumping into street from the rooftop of his house to avoid police arrest.

His family said that a fictitious case of possessing and selling narcotics in Pasrur city’s congested Muhallah Kakey Zaiyaan locality was filed against him. A police party from Pasrur City police station raided the house of alleged drug trafficker Tanveer alias Abdullah to arrest him in the case.

The grieved family was of the view that on seeing the police, Tanveer jumped into the street from his rooftop to avert the possible arrest. He sustained serious injuries and was being taken to Sialkot hospital for his medical treatment due to his critical condition. However, he succumbed to the injuries on the way. His family told the newsmen at Pasrur that police raid terrified Tanveer and he committed suicide by jumping into the street. They family held Pasrur City police responsible for the incidents and demanded registration of a case against the raiding police officials.

Later, hundreds of people including family members of the deceased staged an anti-police demonstration by placing the dead body in front of the office of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). The protesting people also kept the traffic blocked on various inter-city roads in Pasrur by burning tyres especially on main Kutchery Road. They chanted anti police slogans and also staged sit-in there.

The protesters said that some police officials led by two head constables Shahid and Zulfiqar raided the house of  Tanveer. On seeing police, he jumped into the street from the rooftop and he sustained serious injuries. Police said that Tanveer was a notorious drug pusher. The police said that he committed suicide by jumping into the street. Later, senior police officials negotiated with the protesters, and assured them of justice.

 On the assurance, they dispersed peacefully.