ISLAMABAD - Canvassing campaign by the contesting candidates for the by-elections to be held on October 14 ended at 12midnight yesterday.

Prior to the conclusion of their canvassing, the candidates made their last-ditch efforts through corner meetings and door to door campaigns to garner public support. The polling will be held from 8am to 5pm.

The ECP has completed all arrangements, including security of polling stations inside and outside to ensure peaceful and transparent elections.

Apart from army troops, police and personnel of law enforcing agencies have been employed to help creating enabling environment for voters to cast their votes without any fear.

For this, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has also issued its code of conduct for the security personnel deployed at more than 7,000 polling stations.

As many as 372 candidates from various political parties and independents are vying in the by-elections including eleven National Assembly and twenty four provincial assemblies' constituencies.

Most of these seats become vacant after candidates including Prime Minister Imran, who had won more than one seats in July general elections.

The National Assembly constituencies where the elections will be held include NA-35 Bannu, NA-53 Islamabad, NA-56 Attock, NA-60 Rawalpindi, NA-63 Rawalpindi, NA-65 Chakwal, NA-69 Gujrat, NA-103 Faisalabad, NA 124 Lahore, NA-131 Lahore and NA 243 Karachi East.

The Punjab Assembly constituencies where the by polls will be held are PP-3 Attock, PP-27 Jhelum, PP-103 Faisalabad, PP-118 Toba Tek Singh, PP-164 Lahore, PP 165 Lahore, PP 201 Sahiwal, PP 222 Multan, PP 261 Rahim Yaar Khan, PP-272 Muzaffargarh and PP-292 D.G. Khan.

By polls on two constituencies each of Sindh Assembly and Balochistan will also be held. These are PS-87 Malir, PS-30 Khairpur, PB-35 Mastung and PB-40 Khuzdar.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by-polls will be held in PK-3 Swat, Pk-7 Swat, PK-44 Swabi, PK-53 Mardan, PK-61 Nowshera, PK-64 Nowshera, PK-78 Peshawar, PK-97 Dera Ismail Khan and PK-99 Dera Ismail Khan.

Significant aspect of the 14 October by-elections is the participation of overseas Pakistanis to cast their votes. The ECP has registered 7,364 overseas Pakistanis as voters for the first time.

The Election Commission has completed the process of issuing pass codes to overseas voters registered through I-voting. The pass codes have sent through emails.


APP adds: Election Commission of Pakistan on Friday said that as many as 7,364 eligible I-voters have received their voters passes for bye-election being held on October 14 in 35 constituencies.

According to an official of ECP, the Commission has issued voters passes to these successful registered overseas Pakistanis during the registration process of I-voters through their email ID.

He said that all registered I-voters can cast their vote in by-elections.

He added only registered I-Voters with having voters passes will have right of casting vote.

He asked all such pass holders to exercise their right of vote during 8:00am to 5:00pm (Pakistan Standard Time) on polling day.

He advised the I-voters to cast their vote as early as possible.

The registered I-voters will be responsible to protect the information of voter pass, he added.

He said that I-voters should avoid sharing any information about their log in and voter pass with anyone for safety of such information.

He said that the ECP had started registration of overseas Pakistani voters from September 1 for giving them right to vote in by-polls.

He added all overseas Pakistanis had been asked to register themselves as voters by due date.

He said that the Commission had also extended the date for registration of overseas Pakistanis from September 15 to September 17 for exercising their right of casting vote in the by-elections.

The official said that all registered overseas Pakistanis voters would have the right of casting vote in by-election through I-voting system.

He said a letter had been written to the Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs to direct the Pakistani missions abroad to educate overseas Pakistanis regarding registration process and right of their vote in by-elections in their respective constituencies.

He said that the ECP’s passes for I-voters will be valid for stipulated time for overseas Pakistanis to avail the opportunity and cast their vote in by-elections.

The official added that the Commission will generate I-voting pass system for registered overseas Pakistanis on October 14 and all eligible voters can cast their vote during Pakistan Standard Time.

He said that the ECP had registered only those overseas Pakistanis who had Machine Readable Passport, National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis and their valid email address.

He said that through ECP’s special software, the overseas Pakistanis will be able to cast their vote by using their email.

He added a specific website had been developed jointly by ECP and NADRA for awareness and other aspects to encourage overseas Pakistanis to register for I-voting with instruction in English and Urdu.

He said that I-voting is a pilot project and after use of this system, the Commission will compile and submit a report with the Parliament for further legislation.