SIALKOT-A Punjab minister has stressed a need for the enrolment of maximum children in schools so as to remove the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy from the society.

Punjab Minister for Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education Raja Rashid Hafiz said that literacy and non-formal basic education schools were playing a pivotal role in promotion of the noble cause.

He was talking to the local officials of the education and literacy departments after visiting a non-formal basic education school at village Kotla Ambaanwala near Sialkot.

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He stressed a need for promoting knowledge-based education and character-building of students. He highly hailed the role of the teachers, saying that the good and dutiful teachers had ever been a precious asset of the whole society, as the teachers are also the mason of a nation.

He said that there could never be an alternative to teachers in the world. He said that the government was striving to curb the menace of the darkness of ignorance by spreading the light of knowledge as per the vision of the government. He stressed a need for the promoting public-private partnership in education sector.

He also urged teachers and parents to focus on the character-building of students and bringing change in the social attitude towards the promotion of quality education for all. He said that students were the future of the country and all of us should secure their educational future by ensuring their easy access to quality education in the society.

He also stressed collective efforts for the promotion of non-formal basic education to enhance the literacy rate. He said there was an immediate need to root out illiteracy at a grassroots level to bring about radical changes in every sphere of life. He said that 7,500 students were studying in all the 320 non-formal basic education schools in Sialkot district.

Some unknown accused kidnapped local seminary student Abdul Rehman (12) on his way to the seminary from his house in village Ballaanwala-Sialkot. On the report of victim’s father Abdul Razzaq, the Kotli Loharaan police have registered a case with no clue or arrest.