HYDERABAD - In an unprecedented development, Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah enrolled his daughter and 2 nieces in a government primary school in Hyderabad on Friday.

Accompanied by her daughter Kaif-ul-Wara, brother Syed Sartaj Shah and his daughters Uneza and Aliza, the Minister visited Government Girls Pilot (Miran) Secondary and Primary School in Heerabad where he himself filled their admission forms.

The Minister was briefed by the school's Headmistress Rabia Akhtar about the state of facilities, strength of teachers and students.

Briefly talking to the media later, Syed Sardar Ali Shah said after enrolling his own children in a government school, he would be able to question the government school teachers who enroll their children in the private schools. "I hope what I have done will prove to be a good development for the education," he expressed the hope. He said he was anticipating that his move would help improving standard of education in the government schools.

According to him, one of the problems affecting the government education was that the teachers who taught in the government schools had their children educating in the private schools. He believed that following his example if the government teachers also transferred their students to the government schools the standard of education would improve.

Meanwhile, the Head Mistress told that the minister's daughter was enrolled in class 4 while his brother's elder daughter Aliza was enrolled in class 6 and younger daughter Uneza in class 4.