KARACHI   -  The Provincial Minister for local government Saeed Ghani said that Shah Abdul Latif was the famous personality of Sindh, though he is not with us but his poetry remains alive. Latif’s poetry basically represents the Sindhi culture.

Ghani shared these views while addressing the launching ceremony of English translated book “Shah Jo Risalo” written by Dr Ali Akbar, organised by Folk and Heritage committee of Arts Council Karachi here on Friday.

He further said that, it was the long struggle for Dr Ali Akbar which came in the lime light. This book will be published in different province as people might know the history of Sindh through Latif’s poetry, he added.

The Chairman of Folk and heritage committee of Arts Council Karachi Dr  Ayub Sheikh said that, it is very difficult to understand Latif’s poetry but Dr Ali Akbar with his complete efforts translated this book in English Version. We appreciate him for this achievement and thanked him that he revised the era of Latif’s poetry.

Dr Amanullah Sheikh, Dr. Suleman Sheikh, Aftab Abro, Fazal Haq Qazi, Zulfiqar Qadri, Professor Aizaz Qureshi, Yousuf Shaheen and many other also commented on this marvelous book.

The writer of this book, Dr Ali Akbar said that, this gathering shows the love for Shah Abdul Latif, this book represents each and every word of Shah Latif’s poetry.