Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid on Saturday revealed that Pakistani scientists from University of Health Sciences (UHS) had successfully cloned biological skin which was far cheaper than imported cloned skin.

Addressing an Anatomical Scientific Conference held at UHS here, she said that it was a landmark development in the history of scientific research in the country.

“Previously we had been spending millions of dollars on importing biological skin but now the same will be available only at the cost of Rs 720 in Pakistan,” she said while appreciating the scientists.

The minister extended her cordial greeting to the Vice Chancellor of UHS Professor Javed Akram for patronizing research work under his institution.

She emphasized the need for research based education in Pakistani Universities.

“I am aware of the shortage of faculties at medical teaching institutions and will leave no stone unturned to address the issue,” reiterated Yasmin Rashid.

She categorically pointed out, “We have to start counselling the medical students from the day first”.

Only earning money was not panacea, young doctors should adopt the medical profession as passion, she advised.

“Unfortunately cheques amounting Rs 80 Billion released by previous Punjab government were dishonoured and we made them honoured when we took over,” she regretted.

“The money of national exchequer must be utilized on masses only. I will not allow anyone to spend the budget of the Health department on projects like Metro Orange line train,” pledged the minister.