Love for Nawaz Sharif cannot be taken out of hearts of people and this fact will again be endorsed in the by-elections on October 14.  PML-N candidates will rout the PTI, said leader of Opposition Hamza Shehhaz Sharif while addressing a public rally of the Party at the conclusion of election campaign at Taxali Gate here yesterday. Speaking to charged party workers, Hamza Shehhaz said that Nawaz Sharif as prime minister did for the country what no other ruler could do since inception of Pakistan. He said the network of roads, motorways, power plants and economic boost were some achievements of Nawaz Sharif after he had made the country atomic power and rid it of the scourge of terrorism. Highlighting performance of the PML-N government, he said it was a pity that a person who rendered such great services for the country had been jailed along with his daughter when no charge of corruption was proved against him.He said that masses got disillusionment about the performance and vision of the PTI only after 50 days’ rule of this party. The skyrocketing prices of daily items of use, increase in the rates of utility services, and misdirected policies have made lives of the poor highly miserable in the beginning of the PTI government. He said that Khan had taken another big U-turn by turning to IMF for loan. He said that Imran Niazi had pledged not to get IMF loans even at the cost of his life.