WAH CANTT: Sugar prices are proliferating in various retail markets of the city putting extra financial burden over masses especially on the salaried class. The price of sugar, a basic kitchen item has increased due to a number of factors, it has been observed.

The retailers revealed that the price of sugar increased from Rs 55 to Rs 60 during the last one week in the whole sale market.  Some retailers are selling it at Rs 65 per kilogram and in some markets sugar is even being sold at Rs 67 per kilogram. “The price of a sugar bag containing 50 kilograms has increased to Rs 500 per bag and now retailers have to shift the burden to consumers as they have no other option”. Said Sheikh Zia Ud Din, Chairman, Trader’s Association of Taxila.  “This is one of the aftershocks of the rupee-dollar parity on prices and everybody is uncertain about the prices of daily commodities as the price of tea and pulses has also started to escalate this month”, said Malik Tahir Suleman, a member of  Islamabad Chamber of commerce and industries.

 “The Rabi crop is facing around 40 percent water shortage due to below average rainfall during the last monsoon season which led to a low sugarcane crop,” said Shoukat Ayub, Chairman of Kissan Itehad council Taxila chapter. He added that due to fewer crops, the crushing season has delayed to at least six weeks which has given an opportunity for exploitation of the situation to get maximum profit from store sugar before the arrival of new sugar production in the market.  Aabid Warriach- President Trader’s Association Wah chapter said that during the recent month, the price of sugar increased from Rs 5 to 10 in wholesale as well as retail markets.

He said that wholesalers are also facing problems while purchasing this basic food item due to limited stock availability. On the other hand, the price of bakery items especially cakes is also surging from Rs 20 to 30 after increase in the price of sugar. It has been observed that concerned authorities especially price magistrates are looking at the whole affairs as idle spectators due to reasons best known to them and have completely failed to address public grievances.–Staff Reporter