LAHORE-Renowned TV actor Sanam Baloch recently spoke about her childhood, career and marriage life at the web show Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada, Pakistan’s first digital talk show, which offers more than just a casual chat with a celebrity.

A couple of days ago, rumours of Sanam Baloch’s divorce from her husband Abdullah Farhatullah were trending on the social media like a fire. However, both of them haven’t confirmed or denied the news. When asked about Farhatullah, Sanam said, “Our (marriage) happened really quickly. We were close friends for a long time and we thought that’s how we would spend our life. Now we are not friends.”

About her childhood life, Sanam said, “I was three-year old when my parents separated. We were five siblings and being a Sindhi primitive family, all of us were requested to live with our dad. It was an enormous clash when it came to our custody. My mother took a stand against the so-called feudal system of our country. She is a very strong woman.”

When asked how she ventured into Showbiz Industry, the Doraha star said, “I never thought to work in the entertainment industry. Whenever I was asked what I want to become in future my answer was I’ll become the prime minister of Pakistan.”

She continued: “In our family working in the entertainment industry was considered a shame. So, it was a very hard time for me to enter in this field. My older sister Sabrina bagged a show at a local Sindhi channel. I used to sit in the audience and appreciate her.”

“It was only when I was offered my own show at the similar channel and welcomed Fahad Mustafa as a guest, that I was referred to a director, who was searching for a lead for an Urdu drama. But the only obstacle I had to face at that time was that I didn’t know how to speak the language,” she revealed.

“Our time there wasn’t any concept of overnight fame. I made a role in a telefilm Kaalak and the night the play was on the air, Sabrina received calls from different directors asking about me. I shaved my head for that character and I became a star overnight,” she concluded.