LAHORE - A two-day science fair organised jointly by Al-Kwarzimi Science Society (ICSS) and Ali Institute of Education (AIE) opened at the AIE on Ferozepur Road Saturday.

Thousands of people visited the fair and evinced keen interests in products showcased by various organisations. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Periodic Table of Chemical elements the festival was focused on the wonders of Chemistry including elements, minerals, compounds, mining and major industrial processes. The said festival was open to all and invited special interest of scientific organizations, aspiring scientists. researchers and science professionals.

The fair also acted as a platform for scientific organizations to introduce themselves to general public. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) pursuing its vision of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes also showcased its contribution in Engineering, Health, Power, Agriculture and biotechnology.

Different Models, flyers, standees and posters were presented. People were also briefed about the Nuclear Power as clean, environment friendly source of energy. Interactive sessions of PAEC scientists were also arranged with the general public and students to present the soil image of PAEC as progressive public sector origination engaged in cutting edge technological innovations.

The participants attended the science festival with great interest. Students and researchers took special interest in the PAEC pavilion. They were particularly fascinated by the interactive models and simulations. They were keen to learn about PAEC contribution to international science research forums like CERN and IAEA.

According to Mr Saadat Anwar Siddiqi, president of the ICSS 80 institutions from all over the country were among the participants. Important schools from all 36 districts of the Punjab were also among them.  The science festival was an appreciable effort on behalf of the organizers to popularize science at the different levels of society. W