The cowardly American troops, that are being battered roundly in Iraq and Afghanistan, can dare enter our Tribal Area only if they have been assured by the Pakistani government they would not be resisted. American commandos, devoid of the dignity of true soldiers, can only kill unarmed women and children. They cannot face mujahideen on the battlefront. How can our rulers protect our people from American aggression when they have themselves only been able to enter Pakistan due to influence, and protection, of Washington? A product of the NRO, our present political leadership could only set foot in Pakistan after it had given solemn pledges to America to protect US interests in the region. The only practical way to protect our nation from the American aggression is to respond with equal force. People demand from government that it should immediately cut the supply of oil, food and ammunition to US troops in Afghanistan and abandon America's so-called War on Terror. The democratic government, during the past few months has proven that democracy has failed as a system in Pakistan. Democracy has not been able to solve a single problem faced by Pakistan. On poverty alleviation, energy crisis, defence of realm, internal instability etc, etc, its performance has been nil. The time has come for the entire Ummah, not just Pakistan, to refer back to the system revealed by the Creator Himself. That is the system which was given to us by Khilafat-e-Rahisda 1400 years ago. -IMRAN HARRAL, Lahore, via e-mail, September 9.