President Sarkozy of France recently made an air dash to war-torn Afghanistan to personally see the conditions in which 10 French soldiers of the ISAF were killed in an ambush by Taliban fighters. I would like to know as to how many times did our 'commando' General (Retd) Musharraf, visited FATA, Swat, etc. where a bitter war is being fought for the last two years which has tragically claimed the lives of hundreds of officers and men of the Army. I think, the former President never cared to visit his own troops, not even once although he was their COAS. The difference in the leadership style of the two Presidents is due to the fact that while the French leader is accountable to the French public for his policies, our commando was accountable to none in the country. -MAZHAR FAROOQ SHIRAZI, Lahore, August 30.