LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Operating Officer Shafqat Naghmi sees several hurdles in the holding of the postponed Champions Trophy next year. The International Cricket Council in its executive members meeting though retained Pakistan as host of the Champions Trophy but deferred its final decision on the second biggest event after World Cup till October.   Pakistan retained the right to host the ICC Champions Trophy even though it has been postponed from September 2008 to about a year later. "Pakistan retains the hosting rights and we will continue to review the safety and security situation," ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat told reporters yesterday after the conclusion of the world cricket organisation's board meeting. The eight-team event was originally scheduled in Pakistan from September 12-28 but had to be postponed till October next year after South Africa pulled out of the event due to security fears. Other top teams like Australia, New Zealand and England were also unwilling to participate in the championship after several players threatened to pull out citing security concerns. "What we have decided was that we will hold the event sometime in September-October next year and that's the task I have to do in that period," Lorgat said. Naghmi told reporters that there are several difficulties in the holding of the postponed event next year. He said that the world cricket and India in general has made it clear to the ICC that they wont change the already scheduled events only due to the postponed activity. He further said that the meeting Dubai also went into details of the future tours programme and Pakistan wanted to the Champions Trophy to be scheduled in October next year and the ICC also have a rights deal with a telecating channel according to which the event cannot be postponed for more than 13 months. Meanwhile, PCB Media Director Mansoor Suhail said that Pakistan will not withdraw from it hosting rights of the Champions Trophy. "People have their own opinion and they are free to give. But the hurdles hampering the trophy will be removed," he added. Lorgat has been assigned to work out with the boards of the eight countries for holding the event in Pakistan. Asked if there is a final deadline to holding the event, he said: "There is an understanding that we need to have it within 13 months of the postponed original scheduled dates. So, I would like to have it somewhere before the end of October next year." ICC president David Morgan said that all the eight participating nations were committed to participating in the event. "There are eight participating nations and they are all committed to participating. No country has backed out," he said.