Despite being the only nuclear Muslim nation, we have been led in the recent past by the most corrupt, incompetent and depraved leadership. No wonder there is no law and order in Pakistan, People are committing suicide in large numbers because of poverty and loss of jobs. Crime is rampant and they are voting with their feet fledding the country by hook or crook. When I talk to my Pakistani friends, I hear nothing but despondency and hatred for their leaders in Pakistan. It is very tragic that while Pakistan is endowed with tremendous natural and human resources, especially hard working people who make their mark here in US and other western countries, the country itself has been brought to the brink of disaster by its incompetent leadership. I am a Kashmiri who has never set foot on the sacred soil of Pakistan, but like 15 millions other Kashmiris I hate the Indian occupation of my motherland. Whereas most of us want our territory to be a part of Pakistan and contribute towards its progress, we are extremely dismayed by the current state of affairs in this country of ours. -SYED ABDUL HAQ, Clarence New York, August 28.