LAHORE - Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said mismanagement and misdirected policies pursued over the last eight years have shattered the public departments and that was why, incumbent government was facing gigantic issues to set them right. Although government was facing tough challenges at this hour but with the help of God Almighty and assistance of masses, we would overcome all hurdles to put the province on the road to development and prosperity. Where there is will, there is a way. The improvement in the educational, health and law and order situation is the barometer to assess the efficiency of any government and the present government was giving top most priority to solve these issue as without it, progress and development cannot be achieved, the chief minister said while addressing the first meeting of the Advisory Council at the CM House here on Friday. The meeting also considered the proposals and suggestions presented to it for generating resources for expeditious development as well as to execute the development plans in the province. Shahbaz Sharif in his speech, laid stress on conspicuously improving the agricultural sector recognizing it fundamental requirement for the over all progress and development of the province and for that, he also highlighted the significance of constructing small dams. He said whichever area of the province he visited over last 10 weeks, he found public woes and problems everywhere. Most of the schools in the province are without electricity; furniture and water facilities while hospitals and Basic Health Units had no doctors and medicines. He accused the last government of spending billions of rupees in the name of education in the province under the slogans of 'para likha Punjab' but, he said, the present situation in the education sector was the historic worst.  Recalling his last tenure, the CM said, then the number of heinous crimes was negligible and their cause was studied to prevent their recurrence, but today murder, and commission of other major offences was rampant for the reason last government did not attend to curbing this menace. Comparing disparities in the educational institutions, he said in Atchison and Grammar School every modern-day facility was available which could not be even imagined for 70 per cent of the schools in the public sector. He reminded that during his previous government they markedly improved infrastructure in the province besides bringing about huge betterment in the educational and health sectors as well as in the law and order situation. They retrieved public land from Qabza mafia and sold them out through a transparent system and spent the proceeds on the constructing roads, flyovers, as well as on providing other facilities to the masses. Today again they have to themselves generate resources for the development projects, he added. The chief minister said the provincial government after determining its priorities had started action on the development schemes and projects with full force. Construction of roads, flyovers, express roads, and others are underway while tangible steps have been taken for improving the infrastructure. He said they have to depend on their own resources instead of relying on others for they don't expect anyone from outside coming to their help. Shahbaz said time is money and they are determined to spend this wealth on the public service and public welfare. He said improvement in the provision of technical education, dairy development; livestocks schemes are the priorities of the government. The chief minister said their efforts towards development and progress would be recognized only when a common man would feel relief and facilities in his life. With this view, he said, the government has launched a comprehensive programme to provide relief to the poor wherein the government has ensured supply of 20kg of atta at Rs 300 per bag and other items strictly at control and reasonable prices. The meeting was also attended by former finance minister Sartaj Aziz, Shahid Javed Burki, AZK Sher Dil, Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Ali Cheema, Dr Rehan Malik, Salman Aslam and others.