ISLAMABAD - The standoff between the Ministries of Religious Affairs and Education over the matter of attestation of Deni Madaris degrees has landed religious degree holder students in trouble as both the ministries have flatly refused to attest their educational certificates. The sources in the Religious Affairs Ministry told TheNation that it was under the ambit of Ministry to attest Deni Asnaad (degrees granted by religious seminaries) until four years back then under Musharraf regime the responsibility had been put on the shoulders of Education Ministry. As per sources, Education Ministry was authorised for the last four years to verify and attest such degrees and the charge of attesting Deni Asnaad had been handed over to it after cabinet decision. "Now without taking approval or any order from the federal cabinet, the Ministry for Education itself has returned the task of attestation to Religious Affairs Ministry, which the latter is not ready to accept", the sources added.  The sources further told that the Ministry for Religious Affairs in reaction had dispatched a letter to the Establishment Division to define the distribution of work and decide whether it could attest degrees again without cabinet's approval or order.