ISLAMABAD (APP)- Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Friday stressed that Pakistan and India should narrow down their differences on Kashmir and Kashmiris must be part of the dialogue process. "We strongly believe that Kashmiris should be an integral component of the ongoing peace process, as they are the primary stakeholders," the prime minister said in his opening remarks at 42nd session of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council. The prime minister, who is also the Chairman of AJK Council, addressed the meeting, which was attended by AJK President Raja Zulqarnain Khan, Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan and other members of the Council. Gilani said the current peace process between Pakistan and India had raised the level of peoples expectations and now peace process should become a symbol of peace, tranquillity and fraternity in South Asia. He mentioned frequent meetings of Pakistani leadership with Kashmiri leaders, which reflected the government's desire of Kashmiris' involvement in peace process. He said, "Pakistan is ready to reverse the course of confrontation in South Asia. We are ready to start a journey of peace and accommodation in order to provide a better environment for our people to prosper." Gilani said peace and stability in South Asia can only be guaranteed if all outstanding issues between Pakistan and India particularly the Kashmir dispute are resolved. "We hope that the governments of Pakistan and India would live up to the expectations of their own peoples as well as to Kashmiri people, so that the dream of lasting peace in South Asia can be materialized." The prime minister said the Kashmir dispute remains close to the heart of every Pakistani. "The future of both Pakistan and Kashmir is intertwined with shared destinies," he said. He said for the last six decades, Kashmiris have been courageously struggling for the realization of their inherent right to self-determination. He said Pakistan would continue its moral, political and diplomatic support for the oppressed people of Kashmir and to their principled struggle. The prime minister regretted that the UN resolutions, which recognised the right to self-determination, remain pending to find the solution to the dispute. He mentioned that Jammu and Kashmir dispute had a human dimension, with massive human rights violations going on as perpetrated by the Indian forces. "The provision of basic human rights, and freedom of the Kashmir people, entails the withdrawal of the Indian security forces, and the repeal of the draconian laws enforced in Indian Occupied Kashmir. All kinds of violence in Indian Occupied Kashmir must end," he said. Gilani said the recent unrest and violence in Kashmir was a matter of great concern for Pakistan. "The government of Pakistan, has condemned, the excessive use of force, by the Indian security forces, against the people of Kashmir, which led to the martyrdom of several Kashmiris, including Sheikh Abdul Aziz, a prominent Hurriyet leader."  Gilani mentioned the dialogue process between Pakistan and India, and said a number of Kashmir-related Confidence Building Measures had been agreed upon, and being implemented to alleviate the sufferings of Kashmiris. He assured the Kashmiris that Pakistan would always stand by them, until they succeed in the struggle to achieve their right to self-determination.