KARACHI - The enraged residents of Baloch Colony staged protest demonstration due to prolong loadshedding. Score of residents of Baloch Colony, Mehmoodabad, Chenasor Goth, Manzoor Colony and its adjacent areas came on the roads and protested over the extensive loadshedding in their localities. They chanted slogans against the management of the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) and demanded for the permanent restoration of the electricity. The angry mob rioted and burnt tires which suspended the flow of traffic. The law enforcers, ambulances and fire brigade vehicles had also arrived to the scene. But the angry people pelted stones on the fire brigade vehicle when it tried to extinguish the fire. The residents of the area also complained in the KESC office on Thursday but no action had been taken. The case was registered against the mob when they went to the complaint office and rioted there, he said. Police were also present on the scene but did not try to stop them for rioting.