LAHORE - With ever-widening crevice having appeared in once-upon-a-time coalition government of the two major political parties, speculations and predictions are running amok in the federal capital about so-they-say impending changes in the top administrative set-up of the Punjab, while the provincial capital is manning its front doorstep sans entertaining any such thoughts regarding the Chief Secretary Punjab and the Provincial Police Officer. On the other hand, the political minnows, both from the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-N, are being blamed for causing further damage to the already-fragile provincial coalition government, which is said to be on the verge of breaking. Besides holding press conferences, they are issuing statements against the administration. Previously, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has been delivering venom-soaked statements against the provincial government of the PML-N. "The defeated aspirants - to the likes of Manzoor Wattoo and others - with parochial political acumen are targeting the top administrative bosses accusing them of entertaining only the recently estranged opponents though clinging on to the ministerial slots. Plus they have started levelling baseless accusations of discrimination," said a senior bureaucrat maintaining that only a political change in the Punjab could follow change in the CS Punjab and the PPO. He was also critical of media reports in this regard. "Few mediamen with least understanding of the real political issues and the procedure for changing the CS and PPO, are repeatedly writing about it. For instance, most of the time, they write Inspector General Punjab though the former officer has been renamed as the PPO as per the Police Order," he said. Rumours are afloat that the provincial administration has directed the administration for not entertaining the PPP ministers. However, despite repeated efforts, nothing of the sort has been confirmed. Now PPP and PML-Q MPAs have initiated their own campaign against the CS. On Thursday, three PPP ministers Tanveerul Islam, Yousaf Ghurki and Haji Ishaq, in a joint statement, sought removal of the CS, while accusing him of freezing development funds of the PPP ministers, which was depicted as the victimisation policy of the government. They also accused Javed Mahmood of ordering all provincial secretaries not to carry out any development activity in the constituencies of the PPP lawmakers, while the District Coordination Officers and police officers were also not cooperating with them. Interestingly, they further said fair and unfair demands of the PML-Q forward bloc members were being met. On Friday, the PML-Q female parliamentarians blamed the CS for hatching conspiracy aimed at drawing a wedge in the party ranks, and using pressure tactics to allure them for changing their party loyalty. The PPP does not seem to have any administrative presence anywhere, while the PML-N government, in order to keep its hold on the administrative machinery, had transferred all the seniors and juniors, barring a few. Two names floated so far for the coveted slot of CS Punjab are of former Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Naguib Ullah Malik and Khushnood Lashari. It has been reported that they had been interviewed by Prime Minister, which has been denied vehemently by both of them when a senior bureaucrat talked to them. "Changing of the CS and the PPO will be definitely ill-advised considering that it is not 1999 when administration carried huge responsibility for winning over the political opponents. With a representative government sitting at the top, it is not dependent upon the administration for carrying out its political agenda," said the officer averring that the government should be changed first, and then the minnows should plan change of the administration. "I believe the federal government is prudent enough not to entertain such a thought, as the idea depicts that the PPP cannot bring political change in the Punjab, virtually a jewel in the crown for any federal government; hence trying its hands on the CS and the PPO," said the officer.