ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is safe destination for tourists, as people of the country are very hospitable the Italian tourists, Fabio Stosan and Anna Castlu expressed these views during an  exclusive interview with TheNation at Italian Embassy. Fabio Stojan along with his spouse, Anna Castlu is on a six-month journey namely' Half World Visit' since July 3rd . Italian Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Vincenzo Pratti hosted a luncheon in their honour here on Friday at his official residence. Pratti termed these tourists ambassadors of peace in this world. Fabio Stosan and her spouse started their journey from Italy on July 3rd and passing through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and then through China they reached Pakistan. From here they would continue their journey on their BMW motorbike to India through Wahga Boarder, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.  They arrived Pakistan though Silk Route ten days ago and after the completion of their tour to Northern Areas, they reached Islamabad on Friday. They shared their unforgettable, amazing and great travel memories with TheNation. To a quarry, both replied in same time that it was a very delightful and remarkable visit especially travelling from Basham to Gilgit and then Skurdu along with Silk Route and termed the journey a wonderful experience.   They were of the view that there was  a dire need to give priority to humanity rather than politics of conflicts. We came Pakistan with a message of love, affection and peace. Travelling through different areas of Pakistan, we have proved that Pakistan is land of peace, beauty  and its people are very hospitable, they remarked. "We have visited different pats of Pakistan to convince the world community that there is no security threat to tourists and investors. As, we did find the people of the country very hospitable and cooperative during our 10-day journey to different parts of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP)", they proudly remarked . Italy Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Vincenzo Pratti while talking to TheNation said that it was his country's earnest desire to make this world most peaceful place for every one, as his county think that there should be no discrimination of colour, creed, region and language anywhere in the world. "Therefore my country sponsored this visit to these gentlemen aimed at increasing people to people contact" said the ambassador. . He opined that culture of tourism, people to people contact and coexistence must be promoted. He suggested that in this regard entire nations of the world should cooperate, which was the eternal solution of all  world's conflicts. Fabio Stojan and Anna Castlu are committed to continue their mission even after the completion of this historic 'Half World Visit'. They told that they were also noting all the memories on paper on daily basis. "We spend two hours daily just to write the travel logue", they said. They were determined that on the completion of this worldwide tour, they would publish a comprehensive book based on their unforgettable and pleasant travel memories.