LAHORE - Former federal minister and President Punjab PPP, (Shaheed Bhutto) Dr Mubashar Hassan has said that Pakistan should take firm stand against the US and stop all logistic support to the US-led forces inside Afghanistan. Addressing a news conference here on Friday at his residence, he said Pakistan should not tolerate violations of its territorial sovereignty and retaliate the US attacks in tribal areas. "We have our hands on US throat. It cannot conduct war for a single day without Pakistan's help", Dr Mubashir observed, while adding that Islamabad was in a position to regulate supply of ammunition, fuel and other war material, which passes through Chamman border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said entire nation endorsed the statement by COAS Ashfaq Parvez Kayani regarding the protection of country's sovereignty, and which has also been approved by Prime Minister Gilani. Dr Hassan stressed upon PM Gilani to undertake a quick tour of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, followed by a visit to Moscow to enlist international support for Pakistan vis-a-vis the US. He said the PM should also plan a trip to China in this regard.  The PPP (SB) leader was of the view that no army could win a war without people support, and when the people support the army, the political leaders also support it. Recalling the 1971-72 period, Dr Mubashir said Pakistan had gone through such a situation before. At that time, he said, country's economic condition was even worse than today. "No help was coming from the World Bank and the IMF, but the then government under which I was serving as finance minister, forced them to reschedule our loans", he maintained. Today, he opined, Pakistan's condition was far better and nation could take a stand against the US onslaught.