LAHORE - The Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) has strongly condemned the US attack on the tribal areas of Pakistan and has rested confidence in the statement given by Pakistan Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani to defend territorial integrity of the country. A special meeting of the council, presided over by its vice chairman, Muhammad Aslam Sindhu, held to review the situation after US drone attack on the innocent people of tribal areas, said the US wanted to expand the scope of its operation to Pakistan disregarding any international pact and charters on respecting sovereignty of a state. Condemning killing of the innocent people, including children and women by the US air attack, the meeting expressed complete satisfaction with the reply given by General Kayani to the US commander in chief and hoped that the army would give a befitting response to the foreign attacks on its territory. The meeting said, the legal fraternity would stand by the armed forces in any difficult hour on the nation and would support every positive step of the army towards protecting life of the citizens as well as defence of the country. The meeting was attended by members of the council also including, Abdul Latif Hinjra, Ch Imran Masood, Muhammad Zaman Manget, Muhammad Iqbal Mohal, Amir Jalil Siddiqi, M Yasin Mohal, Safdar Hussain Tarar and others. Notice served A local human rights body of the lawyers has served a notice on the Federal Ministry of Law on the re-appointment of deposed judges of the superior judiciary. The Jurists Forum for Human Right, through its head, Tariq Aziz Malik advocate, says the deposed judges have been re-appointed to the judiciary when the fact is, Constitution does not envisage any re-appointment of the judges to the institution under Article 193. It says if the recent induction of the deposed judges to the institution is regarded as reinstatement, then Article 25 of the Constitution stands violation by it as other judges of the same set have not been reinstated when they were equally victim of the last year's November-3 action. The forum says the notifications issued for appointment of Sindh, Punjab, Peshawar and Supreme Court deposed judges, are illegal, unconstitutional and does have any legal value since, Constitution does not carry any concept of re-appointment of the judges. The forum has given 10 days to the ministry to recall the impugned four notifications issued to reappoint the deposed judges.