KARACHI - The scorching heat wave and hours-long unscheduled loadshedding has caused panic among the people of the metropolis. The current spell of unexpected heat wave on Thursday further intensified Friday paralysing life in the city. The temperature on Thursday surged up to 41.5 Celsius while the hot breeze added to the scorching sunlight. Met office had forecast that ongoing spell of ho weather would continue on Friday as well and the mercury could shoot up to 42 or 43 Celsius. As the sea breeze was also absent, the condition remained excruciating, which badly affected daily routine of the citizens. It may be mentioned here that such intense heat wave was not expected this year. The situation has been further aggravated during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan. Due to fasting, the intake of water remained insufficient that could likely give rise to health problems. The students are among the most affected segment of the society as find serious difficulties to fast in this scorching weather. The school-going children have also to suffer severely due to prolonged power breakdowns in the city causing immense problems for them. "We have hardly 8 hours sleep at night as most of the time there is no electricity and we have to go to school as well on the other day. I find myself in very bizarre situation when I feel asleep in the school all the time. My concentration in studies have declined due to this condition", said a student when asked about prevailing heat and loadshedding in the city. "Most children look untidy at the school. We have to struggle a lot to keep them concentrated in their study. This present situation of power outages has affected my student's progress badly. Now the sizzling blazing heat has further added to the miseries of the children", commented a schoolteacher. "Government should take immediate notice of prolonged loadshedding and take effective steps to rectify this nasty situation", the teacher added. University students also complained about the same problem. "We have to face the sun and at home we have to bear the gift of loadshedding by the KESC and the government", a university student lamented. It is to be noted the current spell of heat along with unscheduled loadshedding has largely disenchanted the students as their progress is badly suffered. They have demanded the government to take immediate measures resolve their problems. On the other hand, loadshedding persists in the city turning lives of the people into hell in this hot weather and the holy month of Ramadan. The KESC is supplying around 1,700 MW of electricity as compared to the required quantity of 2,400 MW as the IPPs, as usual, remained non-functional due to unavailability of furnace oil. The sources said that the company was not putting pressure on the IPPs to generate more power while the WAPDA has reduced its supply to half due to dispute over the payments. Despite repeated assurance from the government, loadshedding continued during Sahar and Iftar times as well. The KESC officials link this situation to technical and other faults while the fact is that the company does not want to raise its expenses by buying expensive furnace oil.