KARACHI (PR) - Small farmers and their reprehensive raised their concerns over the proposed seed amendment bill and Plant Breeders Rights Acts 2008 claiming that the said acts are the stark example of Multinational companies (MNCs) endeavour to gain control over natural resources such as local seeds and plants in Pakistan. The proposed acts provide greater leverage to MNCs that the farmers preserving, protecting conserving, bartering and growing seeds for thousands of years. The hawkish companies aim to control the generic resources such as local seeds and plants depriving them of their indigenous rights of production and livelihood. Providing a legal cover to such criminal act the farmers who are the custodian of indigenous varieties will have to resort to MNCS to buy seeds or pay royalty to the MNCs every year while growing any crop spells the proposed seed amendment bill 2008. Hearing the concern, Syeda Marvi Rashdi member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh asked the farmers' representatives to submit their set of recommendations over the proposed seed amendment bill and Plant Breeders Rights Act 2008. The consultations forum was organized by ActionAid Pakistan and Bhandar Hari Sangat in Karachi. The participants of the consultative forum said that proposed seed amendment bill in existing shape tilts towards multinational companies and appears heavily biased towards farmers. MPA said that farmers are already suffering due to unfrequented high input cost and the proposed amendment will further leave the framers poorer and powerless. Ms. Rashdi said that constitutionally matter doesn't fall under federal or concurrent list and it is clearly a provincial matter. She promised to move a resolution in Sindh Assembly to protest with federal government for legislation initiative on provincial matter. Muhammad Boota Sarwar law expert revealed that proposed seed act 2008 and PBR act are profoundly harmful for the biodiversity, agricultural sustainability and farmers' livelihood particularly for the small land holders. He criticized that pro farmers laws like Biodiversity and Geographical Indicators are being neglected while laws favours MNCs are being promoted. He said under the proposed acts farmers may not be able to keep, sell and barter seed in future.  Legal expert Rochi Ram, Agriculture scientist Nazir Memon, Expert on international trade laws Dr Wajid Pirzada, Comrade Ahemd Leghari, Sattar Jarwar, Lala Hassan Pathan, Amir Shar, Murad Pandrani, Devi, Afshan, Achar Khaskheli, Photo Khan, Mirza Maqsood, Zain Daudpoto, Dost Muhammad Channa, Jabbar Khaskheli, Latif Dino, Mukhtiar Shah, Punhal Sario, Shahina Ramzan, Shoaib Aziz, Adam Malik and others spoke on the occasion.