LAHORE - After resolution of the issue of keeping control of VVIP flights fleet between the Governor Punjab and the provincial government, the political masters of the Punjab are facing another problem, as the Governor is yet to sign the amended version of the Land Revenue Act by virtue of which the office of the Divisional Commissioner is to be restored. On August 24 this year, after the exit of General (r) Pervez Musharraf - the mastermind of the Local Government System - the Punjab government had restored the post of the Divisional Commissioner to which Chief Minister Punjab accorded administrative approval. An amendment in the Clause 5 of the Land Revenue Act was a must, and the document was sent to the Governor for granting the approval, as the Punjab Assembly was not in session. According to a source, Salman Taseer demanded a representation from the provincial administration in this regard. Salman Taseer is yet to give time to listen to the government version, while concerned officers are said to be awaiting the call from the Governor's House. "Now with the change in the political scenario, it seems to be difficult for the government to get the mandatory nod of the Governor for restoring the Divisional Commissioners," said the source seeking anonymity. Earlier, Shahbaz Sharif had directed that appropriate amendments in different laws be made for making the office of the Commissioner as an effective hub of coordination and control. This decision was taken to eliminate difficulties being faced by the provincial government in coordinating with the districts. The primary purpose was also to effectively handle shortage of food items, price check and control, profiteering and hoarding of essential commodities and to check increase in encroachment on state land and public places, and make the performance of the provincial government more effective. Secondly, the Punjab government also intends to remove the existing shortcomings in the system of the revenue receipts. Thirdly that the local citizens may not have to travel to the provincial headquarter for seeking redressal of their grievances. It was expected that the government would be able to effectively monitor the development projects and the relief measures taken to meet any natural calamity, adverse situations and crises. "Now with these issues needing immediate attention of the government, the Governor's role is being considered extremely negative by the political government, as it feels that the appointee of the PPP is obstructing its working," maintained the source adding that the issue would not get resolved unless interfered by the top men. Prior to the Divisional Commissioners' issue, both divisions of the government locked horns over getting the control of the air fleet when the political government settled the issue and Shahbaz Sharif transferred the planes of the Governor's House to the Services and General Administration Department by using his powers under Rule 12 read with Schedule II and Rule 3 of the Rules of Business. As per this Rule, the Governor's Secretariat is part of the provincial government administrative apparatus. Moreover, CM Punjab may transfer any subject or matter of any department to another; hence the CM used his powers for transferring control of the air fleet to the S&GAD. By virtue of the same Rule, the service matters of staff of the VVIP flights have been transferred to the S&GAD. Now a helicopter of the Home Department and three planes are under the control of the S&GAD. However, the Governor can get a plane after asking the Department for this. "It seems that the political friction between the Governor and the government is increasing on ever issue, and there is a possibility that the PML-N can demand change of the Governor in the coming days provided top political leadership of both parties reaches a consensus at least on this issue," averred the source.