BANGKOK (AFP) - Samak Sundaravej has ended his bid to return to power as Thailand's prime minister, an aide said Friday, after a revolt within the ruling party torpedoed his re-election in parliament. "Samak will decline his nomination. Later he will resign as party leader," the Samak aide told AFP on condition of anonymity. Lawmakers from the ruling six-party coalition failed to show up to re-elect Samak as prime minister during an emergency session of parliament Friday, three days after a court stripped him of office for hosting TV cooking shows. The ruling People Power Party (PPP) will now be forced to find a compromise candidate before Wednesday, when parliament has scheduled a new vote. Samak's decision to bow out less than nine months after his victory in general elections seemed certain to embolden protesters who have besieged the prime minister's office for more than two weeks in a campaign to force out him and his cabinet. The fiery-tongued 73-year-old has been a leading figure in Thai politics for three decades, with stints as deputy prime minister and governor of Bangkok. He has stared down street protests and court challenges before, but was forced from office Tuesday when the Constitutional Court ruled that he had illegally accepted payments for hosting two TV cooking shows. The verdict did not bar him from politics, and the PPP leadership had moved quickly to restore him to power. But the move proved unpopular with at least two of PPP's coalition partners, and nearly one-third of the party's own lawmakers refused to back his re-election Friday.