PESHAWAR - At least 12 persons were killed and the same number of people got injured when a house in village Tootalkhel near Miranshah was hit by two missiles, whereas seven persons including three personnel of the security forces were injured when a US-led allied forces reportedly attacked a convoy of the security forces in Qutabkhel area, fresh reports from restive North Waziristan Agency said Friday. The missiles fired in the wee hours of Friday are believed to be fired by the US-led allied troops camping across the border in Afghanistan, however, no official statement has been issued yet in this respect. Some of the tribesmen also believe that missiles were fired from the US drone patrolling from time to time in the region. The deceased included several foreigners associated with Al Qaeda and its affiliated organisations from all over the world. Though the identity of seven killed persons wasn't made public, the local people believe that they were foreigners, mostly Arab nationals. So far the funerals of the five persons have been completed in the area whereas the remaining dead bodies have been shifted to some secret place. The five deceased reportedly been killed in these 15 attacks. The missiles are fired at a time when the battle of words between US-led allies and Pakistan is intensifying day by day. Meanwhile, some unknown miscreants attacked a convoy of the security forces with Improvise Explosive Devise (IED) at Qutabkhel area. One vehicle was destroyed whereas three personnel of the security forces were injured. In retaliation, the security forces opened fire against a passenger vehicle injuring four civilians. The injured civilians were rushed towards Agency Headquarters Hospital, Miranshah.